Floppingtown Bunny reads the news

Floppingtown Bunny reads the news

Floppingtown Bunny reads the news is an unlisted video by Andywilson92. It was uploaded to YouTube on 3rd April 2013.


Floppingtown Bunny introduces himself and tells the viewer that he is going to read the news. He first talks of a story involving a horse. The he tells of how 110 people died in the Frosty Chocolate Milkshake Plant explosion the previous day. He then says that it will be sunny.


Throughout the video, several headlines are seen on a news ticker. The headlines are:

  • "fish stocks are set to rise to 4 within the next fiscal quarter."
  • "wolves are set to be re-introduced into the wild."
  • "Forsty chocolate milkshake stock plummet as factory explodes, ned flinders was not able to comment on the matter."
  • "Hetrosexual marrige has been legalised."
  • "There are too many birds hanging outside of my wind-" (sentence cut short, most likely "window").

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