ANDY'S SIMS 3 LETS PLAY PART 2 is a video by Andywilson92, uploaded to the channel Andywilson Gaming!. It was uploaded to YouTube on 15th September 2014.


Everyone in the house is asleep. After Farmer Bringle "fish butties" for the household, he reads "Unicorns for Audrey", and Andywilson92 builds a pool, where the household swim with the dog. Andywilson92 catches Idi Armin avoiding work, and makes her clean the house as punishment. Farmer Bringle wakes up, and goes out on his brand new bicycle, while Andywilson92 says that Farmer Bringle is a "big boy" and that he has turned 7 years old. Farmer Bringle goes shopping at the book shop.

Andywilson92 builds another pool, and sends the dog to swim in it, while Andywilson92 announces that is the way that they are doing things. Farmer Bringle prepares food for the household, and then goes outside with the rest of the household to swim in the pool with the dog, while Andywilson92 decorates the surrounding area. Andywilson92 tells Farmer Bringle to take a shower, but after noticing that the shower is filthy, he sells it and purchases another one. After bathing the dog, Farmer Bringle has a conversation with Shaniqua, and decides to take her out to dinner. At first Andywilson92 believes that Farmer Bringle should ride to the restaurant on his bicycle, but then he decides that Farmer Bringle should go there in his car. Farmer Bringle and Shaniqua eat outside the restaurant, at seperate tables. After arriving home, Andywilson92 decides that the household should pay the bills, but then realises that they can't afford to pay the bills. Farmer Bringle and Shaniqua go to sleep, while the rest of the household play in the pool outside. Andywilson92 ends the video showing a tin of Podlaski.

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